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Mine-Site Labs

On-site mineralogical analysis provides near real-time diagnostics to unequivocally determine reasons for low grade- or recovery performance at a mine.  When samples are sent offsite often by the time the data is received, a problem has passed, and data is at best a historical record. Given the urgency of typical problems, therefore, an on-site solution is a desirable option.

PMC Ltd. offers a cost-effective solution involving a considerably lower capital outlay using the new AMICS-Hitachi option, customized training and education, as well as remote access data capture and interpretation realizing a valuable and ongoing monitoring program.

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To optimise the plant operations and advance a geo-metallurgical approach, PMC will assist in implementing the following:

  1. Provide and install the MineSITE lab including the AMICS-Hitachi configuration of choice, along with the preparation equipment to carry out analysis

  2. Develop the AMICs mineral database for the ore deposit.

  3. Provide training at our facility and on-site of the AMICS software to operators, as well as data evaluation and report compilation AMICS training for select metallurgical and geological professionals.

  4. Establish customised outputs and deliverables with metallurgical and geological staff, extracting data that can produce ore-reserve and metal accounting data, and diagnostic process mineralogy data for plant optimization and control.

  5. Ongoing support and consulting are provided by PMC Ltd., including site-visits for quality control and auditing. Detailed mineralogical research that may be beyond the scope of the MineSite facility can be provided by PMC Ltd.

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