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Mineral Sands

Services and Field of Expertise for the Mineral Sands Industry

PMC Ltd is a leader in mineral sands testing and characterisation in Canada providing characterization integrated with our Mineral Sand Services of Sizing, Heavy Liquid Separation, Magnetic and Electrostatic Separation. 


Different methodologies are available for determining the relative proportions of phases in mineral sands samples.  Routine exploration of mineral sands typically produces many thousands of samples.  Geologists  require both rapid and low cost techniques that can be used cost effectively on a more routine basis.

PMC gives you the option to use TIMA / QEMSCAN technology or our own THMScan technology.  The TIMA / QEMSCAN is an industry standard analytical method providing detailed mineral mapping of individual particles to represent components, associations, alterations and textures.


THMScan is a lower cost alternative to TIMA / QEMSCAN that provides a more statistically rigorous and comprehensive whole particle chemical analyses.   Initially developed for the mineral sands and diamond exploration teams at Rio Tinto it was used for several years to characterise exploration samples as well as for the analysis of associated process products for quality control purposes.

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