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Why PMC?

PMC Ltd is an exciting young company that has spent the last ten years focused on providing high quality mineralogical analysis that adds value to all mining projects from grassroots exploration to operation improvement projects.  Our expanded Mineral Services Laboratory, located in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada, will now be able to offers mineralogical, metallurgical and mineral sands laboratory services.  Our aim is to utilize the wealth of mineralogical information to inform and shape efficient metallurgical test programs.

We believe that the use of natural resources should be maximized to create benefit for everyone.  That the concentration of these minerals through mineral processing is governed by the mineralogy and mineral texture of ores and that to fully realize the potential of an orebody it is vital that mineralogy and textural relationships be well characterized and understood.


Through the development of state-of-the-art mineral analysing equipment (TIMA, MLA, QemSCAN & AMICS) and teamwork by the best professionals in the industry we can supply, train and implement mineralogical services to best assess an orebodies potential as well as aid in effective troubleshooting and optimization of mineral processing circuits.  PMC has been radically changing Mineral Analysis first by the investment into the development of the TIMA system now widely used in industry. We are also the first commercial laboratory to supply, train and monitor MineSite Mineralogy labs for both exploration geology and mineral processing operations, using state of the art and cost-effective benchtop SEM’s with the newest mineral analysis software (AMICS).  We have also built a team of skilled professionals with a wealth of experience, education and dedication to provide quality mineral services in a timely and cost-effective manner.


PMC has been servicing the minerals industry since January 2010.   Our technical staff have at their disposal a comprehensive and modern Minerals Laboratory equipped with:

  • Sample Preparation equipment – crusher, pulveriser, micronizing mill, sieves (wet & dry)

  • Warman Cyclosizer

  • Jaw Crusher

  • 2kg and 10kg Rod Mills

  • Flotation Denver D12 Flot Cells

  • Wilfley Table

  • Mozley Table

  • Haultain Superpan

  • Falcon L40 Concentrator

  • Orofino Table

  • Magstream Model 100

  • Hydroseparator

  • Frantz Isodynamic Magnetic Separator

  • Reading Induced Roll Magnetic Separator

  • Heavy Liquid Separation

  • Tescan Vega 3

  • Tescan Integrated Mineral Analysis system (TIMA)

  • Oxford INCA Quantitative Element package

  • FEI Quanta 600

  • Mineral Liberation Analyser system (MLA)

  • Hitachi TM4000

  • Advanced Mineral Identification and Characterisation system (AMICS)

  • Clemex Vision Optical Image Analysis Software

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