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Monthly Gold Deportment

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Per Products

 12 months minimum




Per Products

 12 months minimum




Per Products

 12 months minimum

Track Accurately and Reliably with PMC Labs

Monthly gold deportment analyses are a valuable tool to monitor the ability of a processing plant to react to the variability of an ore body as it is mined using performance benchmarks directly related to geologist's observations.

Recurrent data provides mineral abundance compositional data of processing streams. More importantly, amounts of recoverable losses, as well as gold characteristics such as grain size, liberation and mineral associations are captured, quantified and trends identified.


False colour and BSE image of a gold-bearing mineral locked in pyrite.


​Terms and Conditions 

  • Prices are based on a minimum of 12 months of submission
  • Further customization and reporting are available upon request

  • Additional charges apply for very coarse material and large sample masses

  • Prices are not final until an official PMC Ltd. Proposal is signed.

  • Data Validation and Processing can be added to each package for an additional fee

  • PMC holds the right to make any changes up to a proposal being signed.

Observed gold was predominantly free/liberated in September and October 2021 and January, March and April 2022. Notable gold associated with pyrite occurred in June, August and November 2021, and gold associated with light silicates in July 2021. Gold associated with heavy silicates was readily observed in June, August and December 2021 and in February 2022.

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