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Metallurgical Testing Capabilities

PMC provides mineralogical characterization, data evaluation, and bench-scale metallurgical testing for the mineral industry from greenfield and brownfield projects. Our team incorporates the use of advanced mineralogical methods and approaches combined with laboratory metallurgical evaluation to provide accurate and relevant data.  


Understanding the relationships between ore and the gangue is vital to realize the full potential of an ore body.  Our goal is to bridge the gap between geology and metallurgy.  We utilize all the tools in the toolbox and use mineralogy in combination with metallurgical testing to inform and guide efficient test programs

gravity concentrator

Metallurgical Bench-Scale Test Work

Once it is time for Metallurgical testing PMC is ready to provide testing to find the best path towards efficient processing and recovery.  We encourage including mineralogical analysis with metallurgical testing to use all the tools in the box.  Mineralogy can provide the answers faster and with lower cost than trial and error iterative testing.


Our testing scope includes

  • Grind vs. Liberation analysis curve

  • Ore Sorting amenability and product study

  • Gravity Concentration via Batch Concentrator, Shaking Table, Heavy Liquid

  • Gravity Recoverable Gold (GRG)

  • Magnetic Separation 

  • Flotation kinetics studies

  • Leaching

  • Cyanide Destruction

  • Dye-Penetration studies


With the benefits of

  • Raising NPV of early stage projects 

  • Assistance in interpretation of mineralogical data in context of mineral processing/metallurgy for geometallurgical and economic models

  • Reduced metallurgical tests/costs through mineralogical understanding

  • Foundational for development of a predictive deposit model

  • Characterization of deleterious elements in concentrates

  • Explanation of mineral loss to tail

laboratory grinding mill
flotation cell
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