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Exploration and Development

Services and Field of Expertise for Mineral Exploration

PMC provides mineralogical characterization, data evaluation, and bench-scale metallurgical testing for the exploration industry for greenfield and brownfield projects. Our goal is to bridge the gap between geology and metallurgy in order to facilitate efficient exploration and resource development by providing relevant and accurate mineralogical data and mineral processing relevant consultation.

Mineralogical Characterization and Process Mineralogy
PMC can provide mineralogical analysis and characterization for all stages of exploration.  We can provide comprehensive mineralogy of surface or outcrop grab samples, chip samples or drill core.  

Exploration is about more than assays.  Adding the mineralogical assessment will progress the economic evaluation of the deposits by provide an early indication of the ease or complexity of processing and recovery.  Mineralogy can help identify and guide your exploration campaign towards those high value areas

PMC's team can help determine process relevant mineralogical parameters such as elemental deportment, particle and grain size distribution, liberation, exposure and mineral / gangue associations.  With this knowledge we can provide predictive metallurgical recoveries and estimation of Acid Mine Drainage potential.

geological mapping


Geometallurgy is the combination of geology, geostatistics, and extractive metallurgy to create a predictive model for an Orebody and Operation over the life of the orebody. This entails a cross-disciplinary approach to address complexities in an ore body and ore/processing interdependencies to understand and optimize the resource economics. 

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